For Seller

Localiya name derived from the English word “ local”. It means our app will work within local range. It will work as an intermediate digital market place. This market place will provide a digital environment to our small & big local sellers such as shops, showrooms, restaurants, street vendor, kitchens, milkman etc. And consumers, who use to buy products of daily use in a small amount regularly within hours or same day. There is no need to visit the shop or call. Just place an order through the app and get products delivered at your door.

Benefits for Seller ( Shop, Restaurant, Supermarkets, Cafe, Kitchens Serviceman etc,)

. Advertisement: The seller can list or advertise his product in his locality to the customers. Can push out information of upcoming sale or new arrivals in the form of notification.

. Manage Stores: The seller can create or link multiple branch or store.

. Receive Local Orders The seller can use this app to get orders from nearby customers.

. Decide Your Area: The range of service can be decided by the seller’s ability to deliver.

. Manage Inventory: The seller can list products as per availability or out of stock and can add, edit, delete any product. Add products with different categories and subcategories. 

. Smart Management: The seller can add product with different attributes such as Name, Brand, Weight, Size, Image, Videos, Manufacturing date, Expiry date, etc. The seller can scan barcode and autofill product details.

. Decide Operation Time: Opening/ closing time.

. Revenue Reports: The seller can track his income, due etc in the form of various datasheet by day, monthly early.

. Easy Communication: The seller can live chat with customers.

. Daily Wages: Service providers (like the milkman, plumber, fruits wala, sabji wala, barber etc) can get an appointment.

. Payment mode: COD, Online* .

. Loyalty Benefits:  The seller can provide coupons or vouchers.

. Invoice: Bill: e-bill as pdf.


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