For Customers

 Welcome to Localiya РYour Local Digital Marketplace!

At Localiya, we take pride in our name, derived from “local,” as our app operates within your local range, connecting you with small and big local sellers, such as shops, showrooms, restaurants, street vendors, kitchens, milkmen, and more. For customers like you, who regularly purchase daily use products in small amounts within hours or on the same day, Localiya offers an easy and convenient way to shop.

Benefits for Customers (End Users):
– Freedom of Choice: Explore and search for local shops, restaurants, and services on the app. Instantly order anything you need from any local shop or restaurant. See and search for specific items within the shop.
– Convenient Order: Make appointments and schedule services with ease.
– Stay Updated: Select your favorite shop or restaurant and receive all related information, such as new updates, offers, deals, and new arrivals.
– Be a Smart Customer: Compare the prices of the same product from different local shops to make informed decisions.
– Easy Sharing: Share your favorite shops, items, or products with friends through WhatsApp, messages, and social media accounts.
– Track Budget: Keep track of expenses in different attributes for better budget management.
– Your Opinion Matters: Rate and provide reviews for sellers or products to help others make better choices.

With Localiya, there’s no need to visit the shop or call. Simply place your order through the app, and your products will be delivered right to your door. Embrace the convenience of shopping locally with Localiya – your go-to digital marketplace for all your daily needs!

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